Living Lent - Creating A Climate Of Change


Living Lent is a program from a coalition of churches in the UK, including Zaidie’s church, the United Reform Church.  The purpose of this program is to encourage the members of Whitehorse United to ‘try on’ one or more of six changes linked to our sustainable future.  Some folks are already doing some or all of these changes but for others this represents a chance to ‘experiment’ for the 40 days of Lent.  It is also a chance for WUC to show that as a community we are building for the future, the future for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

The six changes have been tailored for Whitehorse by various members of the congregation. Each one is described in a 1-2 page summary, click on each of the items below.

  1. Could you commit to finding alternative modes of transport this Lent?
  2. Could you reduce your electricity by 10%?
  3. Could you go meat-free for Lent?
  4. Could you buy nothing new for Lent?
  5. Could you give up single use plastics for Lent?
  6. Could you commit to living locally for Lent?

On the First Sunday of Lent (March 1), those wishing to make a public commitment to try one or more of these changes will be encouraged to sign a list in the narthex.  At the end of Lent (Easter), there will be a chance to report on your experiences with these changes.